MindGym Welcoming Australian Guests

2018-12-15 17:06Muhammad Sarosh

With the moto of spreading love and Chinese tea culture to our foreign friends we were so happy to welcome a sweet, loving couple from Australia, Annette & Kieran. The wife Annette is a tea lover where the husband Kieran loves coffee and their visit to tea house was a birthday gift from Kieran to Annette (Romantic, isn’t it?).

My boss Sandy’s dream is to spread the knowledge of Chinese tea culture to every corner of the world so it gives her immense pleasure telling people about Chinese tea culture. After greeting she gave them a brief presentation about tea culture of china, told them about various kinds of tea, the processes of making almost six kinds of different tea from a single kind of tree leaves and all of these kinds are worth tasting and one its kind.


Annette seems quite interested listening about history and making process of one of the finest tea round the globe while at same time Kieran was waiting for the time the lecture to end :D. but don’t worry here at mind gym tea house we surely know how to cheer our guests.

Game time…………………..

The couple were given a piece of paper with all six kinds of tea names on it and six cups of different tea were placed in front them. The job is to taste the tea and guess which kind of tea it is.  This surely cheered up Kieran as he was definitely in need of a cup of strong tea. This went on for a while, and guess what????  the tea lover, Annette turned out to be the winner in guessing most of them correct.

Do you know that there is a specific way of drinking tea that gives your taste buds the real pleasure and taste of tea? No????? Chinese culture will tell you how to drink. Amazing, isn’t it?

Sandy told our guest couple the proper way of drinking tea for living every sip of tea. The process is something like this. (if you have a cup of tea while reading this, follow every step and you will know that it really works this way)

  1. Smell the tea

  2. Check the colour

  3. Take a sip, hold it in mouth and swirl it around the tip of the tongue before swallowing.

  4. Feel the taste in mouth while swallowing

  5. Note the after taste

  6. Smell the cup after finishing tea (this time the smell will be different from how it smelled before)

"Time to learn how to make a perfect cup of the world’s finest tea…."

Sandy demonstrated how to make a perfect cup of tea to our guests in a professional way and we get to drink some cups of best known tea made by a professional tea lover “sandy”.

After that Sandy asked Annette to try make some tea for and she selected making Oolong tea and green tea for us. Tea making time is most fun time, trying and making different kinds of tea, and experiencing on first hand that every tea has different smell before and after drinking, and amazing tastes. We had a very good time and chit chat while Annette kept making different kinds of tasty tea for us. For a time, it felt like we have known each other for a long time and its just family gathering after a long period. That’s the power of tea culture spreading love and making bonds in no time.

A cup of tea made by Annette…………

Perfect, isn’t it?

Its not over yet, after tea sandy served us with delicious moon cake made of tea self-made by sandy, what else can a man ask for a good day? :D

It’s much more delicious then it looks in picture, believe me. After this we give them a visit of tea house show them ancient and beautiful tea ware and some samples of finest quality tea from different cities of China.

After spending three hours with this lovely couple it’s time to say goodbye. With heavy hearts and hope of seeing each other again we greet them good bye with small gift of Chinese tea and a souvenir to remember us by.  

"We love to serve you and we love to introduce Chinese tea culture to you that is solely meant to spread love and make bonds stronger regardless of boundaries separating us"


Writtten By: M.Sarosh