Three Cups of tea , Which Kind Do you Drink

2019-07-30 00:15Sandy

Interesting question that every tea loving person should as from itself “Why do I drink tea”? this is a very interesting Question that was addressed in Pu’er Tea magazine, as for every person the reason of drinking tea might be different, I will tell the different basic situation in which we might drink tea, observe yourself and do tell us your reason of drinking tea.

One reason of drinking tea can be to quench thirst just as we drink water some might select tea to quench thirst and it a very healthy habit.

In another state, most people will have addiction. Sometimes they see a very delicious thing. They are not hungry, but they want to take a bite. They feel that they are drinking sweet, and they will feel better and comfortable. a little. Some people will get used to getting up a cup of coffee and refreshing and getting used to it over time.
Some people need coffee to help them focus on their work. At
first, they may be curious to try. For a long time, relying on it, they are used to it. Some office workers, drinking a cup of tea, is to give themselves an excuse for a moment of rest.

The last state is for the sake of practice. Some people want to calm down their hearts through the process of making tea. There is an excuse to talk to themselves and their moments. Some people keep their lives for health. Drink tea health care.

I drink tea to Quench thirst, to be addicted, and to practice. I used to be an Engineering, a Coffee Drinker. I was so addicted to coffee. I can't concentrate without coffee. Today, I am a tea culture promoter and tea lover.